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I've always enjoyed seeing the little white country church out in the middle of nowhere. So I thought I'd try to capture some of the many churches here in central Pennsylvania. Some of the ones I stumble upon are really old and may not be standing for very much longer.
Dunker Church at AntietamJenner Township Baptist ChurchChrist Church at Old Bedford VillageSt James Church - Episcopal1st PresbyterianSt Johns Church - 1842St Johns LutheranSalem Church of ChristJacob's ChurchSt Matthews LutheranZion Reformed Church of ChristZion Reformed Church of Christ 2Barley Lutheran ChurchGravel Pit United Methodist ChurchGravel Pit United Methodist Church 2Lybarger Lutheran ChurchOld Mt Zion Reformed Church - 1892New Mt Zion Lutheran Church - 1892Jenner Township Baptist Church 2St Peter and St Paul - Boswell 1912