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Camera Down

July 22, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Last summer, I discovered the arboretum at Penn State.  Such a wonderful place (and it's free to visit - free is good).  We had a nice overcast morning today, so I thought a trip to the arboretum would be a good idea.  When I got there, I realized I had left my rstrap at home and all I had was a wrist strap...which evidently wasn't secured properly.  30 seconds into the arboretum, the camera took a tumble onto the concrete.  Ugh.  Now the camera and lens have to go to Canon for service.  

But since I had driven an hour to get there, I was able to coax the equipment into working for a bit longer.  I couldn't pass up a chance to get some pics of the tropical water lilies.

Persian Lilac Water LilyPersian Lilac Water Lily


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