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On Top of the World

July 16, 2012  •  1 Comment

OK, so maybe 4000 feet up isn't the top of the world, but it's higher than anywhere we have here in Pennsylvania.  I was finally able to make a trip to Bear Rocks at Dolly Sods in West Virginia.  I had seen photos from this location and it has always been a spot that I wanted to see in person.  And the trip did not disappoint.  The landscape is so different from anything I've ever photographed.  Just rocks, knee-high scrub brush and a few stunted trees.  I'm looking forward to another trip back there next month...and the next month...and...



Howard Grill(non-registered)
Really beautiful image. I love the layers of mountains in the background and the two trees at the edges of the photo. I will have to put this on the list of places I want to go!
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