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Shooting at Cowboys

June 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Every summer, Old Bedford Village in Bedford, PA hosts several reenactments.  My favorite is the old west weekend.  This year, there were about 140 cowboys, lawmen, bandits, and saloon girls putting on quite the show.   The outfits are fantastic and the actors do a great job entertaining the crowd.  

Beyond just having fun, the weekend served to reinforce some feelings I have about my photographic likes and dislikes.  While my friends were busy setting up and posing the cowboys for portraits, I was struck by how much I just don't care to do portrait photography.  I don't like directing people on how to pose.  I don't like setting up the shots.  I realize that portraits are where the money is in photography, but when it comes to photographing people, I enjoy catching candid moments much better.


2012 Old Bedford Village Old West-14


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